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Michael O. Brigham City, UT

“Our Honda van has been our mainstay for years, so you can only imagine the feelings when it ended up on the side of the freeway.  They made our van better than before.  It is rare to find a business that makes the community a better place to be, but these guys do.  They are so good that other shops around town are recommending them.  My family is deeply indebted to them for the spectacular service they have done.  They have hearts of gold and do an amazing job."

Kyle S. Twin City, ID

“These guys are really great, I brought my 99' dodge 2500 in because I knew the clutch was slipping, they knocked it out in 2 days and for less than the original estimate. Thanks Jake!!!"

Bob P. Salt Lake City, UT

​"My 2005 Volvo XC90 had no all-wheel drive and we wanted to get it fixed before the snow feel, I took it to a couple transmission shops in Ogden and they both told me I would need a new transmission and all-wheel drive unit, they quoted me over $7,000 for the repairs. Needless to say I was shocked since the car only had 75,000 miles on it. I figured I would try one more shop and that’s when I went to mountain transmission, they knew exactly what was wrong, he said it was a common problem with Volvo that the two shafts connecting the transmission and the all-wheel drive part strip out, he quoted me $3,700 almost half of the other guys. I wasn't sure if the quote was accurate but I told him to get started, the next day he invited me back to the shop to show me exactly what he was talking about, all I have to say is that is where his experience and honesty puts him above the rest. I appreciate the help, to Rick and his crew.”

Bill M. Ogden, UT

“Had some hard shifting going on with my Lincoln navigator, I saw an ad for free diagnosis in the paper for mountain transmission, so I figured it couldn't hurt to have them check it for me. They did their computer scan and test drive and all that, then Jake tells me he needed to drop the pan to check for medal debris, sure enough the magnet in there was covered! I told him I was planning on doing some towing with the truck so he priced me out a stock rebuild and a heavy duty, we went with the heavy duty since it wasn’t too much more and we were packing up our camper to head to Utah 3 days later. Quick and professional!"

​Eric C. Brigham City, UT

“Bought my wife a Chrysler Pacifica as a surprise present, knowing it had some strange noises when you put it in gear I took advantage of Mountain transmission free towing, saved me hundreds on a tow and they rebuilt the transmission for less than the 2 other quotes I got, between that and the tow I figured I saved over 500 bucks going with Jake at Mountain Transmission.”

​Jessica A. Brigham City, UT

​“Awesome is what I have to say about Mountain Transmission, being a stay at home mom is a full time job with no pay and when my 04 Tahoe started acting funny I was so scared, I called around and several shops said it sounded like the transmission needed to be replaced, I called Mountain transmission and they said there could be several things causing it and they would check it for free and let me know. I dropped my car off expecting the worst and they called me an hour later saying that they found it was a bad shift solenoid, they changed that and the fluid and filter for me and instead of a couple thousand it was only a couple hundred, Thanks Jake and crew, you don’t know how much that helped me!!!”

​Chris K. Kansas City, KS

​​“Passing through Utah on my way to parent’s house in Washington my 97 ford went crazy on me, the O/D light was flashing and it was shifting when it wasn't supposed to and shifting hard, it had about 270,000 miles so I knew then and there it was done. I pulled into Mountain trans. and Jake helped me out, he got all over it, over nighted the parts, had one of his guys give me a ride to a motel, and I was back on the road the next night. Charged me reasonable too, I figured turn around like that was gonna cost me an arm and a leg but it was the same as any other customer, thanks Jake. P.S. Mom and Dad say thanks too.”